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About Giavico

Vietnam, a member of the ASEAN, with the prime geographical location makes it convenient to China and the neighborhood countries, allows the production of export and trade to enjoy the competitive advantages Land of Vietnam spreads out the subtropics and tropics zone, the long coastline gives it rich natural agriculture. Its political and economic situation is more stable comparing with other Southeast Asian nations. Current population is about 90 millions. The traditional, honest and abundant manpower helps Vietnam become competitive in agricultural development and producing.

We established the factory in 7th District of the economically booming Ho Chi Minh City in response to the rapid growth of market demand in 1992. Later in 1995, the second workshop in 8th District was added.

Because of the forming of the ASEAN, it has sped up the development of regional economy in recent years. Both domestic consumption and foreign trade have been growing rapidly.

To strengthen our industrial competitiveness, we located our plant close to crop origins to source fresh materials quickly in order to supply our cordial customers stably. Thus, for the long-term development advantages, we built up a new production base in Long An Province in 2008.

Long An, next to Ho Chi Minh City, is one of the major agricultural provinces. Downstream of Mekong river, its fertile land grows and cultivates rich crops of tropical fruit. It’s the must access for transporting the agricultural and fishery products from 6 Southern Provinces to Ho Chi Minh City.

Newly built National Freeway No.1 and Freeway No. 62 makes the traffic from and to Long An Province much more convenient. The 200-meter width Mekong Delta branch behind the factory offers great benefits of transporting fresh fruits and vegetables. Under the superior geographic position, utilizing advanced food technology plus with our mature processing experience, it definitely becomes the most ideal production base.

In order to integrate with the world demand, our new Vietnam factory covering an area of 12 hectares, operated since 2008. About 20 cadres from oversea lead more than 1200 local employees in work. The capacity of raw materials processing reaches up to 600 tones daily.

Our visions

  • Supplying most complete materials of vegetable and fruit beverage
  • Devoting to become research and development center reliable tocustomers
  • Expanding the logistic efficiency of global resources
  • Perfecting Healthy, Cheerful and Humanistic Giavico Employees
Giavico International Food Co., Ltd.

Enterprise culture

Enterprise sustainability, Family value, Self-fulfillment


Caring, Reason, Concurrent Growth


Enthusiasm, Efficiency


Breakthrough, Innovation, Seeking Excellence

Our history

  • Root taking in Vietnam

    We established the factory in 7th District of the economically booming Ho Chi Minh City in response to the rapid growth of market demand.

  • Second factory in district 8, HCMC

    In 1995, the business in Vietnam grew rapidly. Nata De Coco and Aloe Vera and other production lines were in operation and productive. Int the meantime, expanded construction of the second factory in Vietnam has continuously been executed.

  • New factory in Long An province

    For pursue long-term development for Giavico business corporation, we had planned and built a 12-hectared South East Asia headfactory in Long An Province in 2005. With positive attitude, we are globalizing our market with thorough preparation and steady move to face the upcoming challenge.

  • Reaching the future

    When We Fight, We Win! 21th century social movements and the activists that are transforming our world. We are transform to new mile stone for our product, moving to Long An new factory indicate that we are expanding our product item to wining the new world requirement. By the way, our customers are always our first priority, so we make every effort to ensure our products are not only the highest quality, but are produced following safety protocols.

What we do

Product designs

You are looking product for your own factory or own clients, we will design or provide professional advice for you. You may not need to source the product from few place or country.


Have your own recipes? No problem, we can produce them exclusively for you under requirement.


Have your own idea for juice? We could provide professional design product to fit your idea including fruit juice and fruits related product.

Other services

We sharing the production parameter, marketing data and consumer’s behavior with customer, for them to get more information design end product and launching.